South Lombok Hidden Gem Revealed

It is time for us to disclose our most secret land opportunity. Think Uluwatu, think plenty of surf breaks, think natural surroundings…

As Mandalika has pushed development east to the outskirts of Gerupuk bay, dream seekers have gained growing interest in the area of Bumbang and Awang on the other side of that bay: a forestry area and nature park of unique beauty located between Ekas and Gerupuk bay called Gunung Tunak.There is a narrow stretch of land which connect those 2 bays with wonderful properties to be acquired for your holiday home. Either on your terrace hanging on the top of the cliff over the ocean or enjoying the sunset over Gerupuk bay and its many islets, there is too much charm to ignore the opportunity.

South Korea’s Ministry of Forestry has even granted a budget of Rp 20 billion for ecotourism development at Gunung Tunak nature park and set the Jeju Islands as a role-model. The Gunung Tunak conservation area spans over 1,200 hectares and is well known locally for its stunning beauty and majestic views of the ocean from towering limestone cliffs. The nature reserve encompasses jungle and cliffs as well as six undeveloped beaches. Protected species in the park include deer, eagles, hawks, and turtles, which return to the same nesting places on the beaches each year to lay their eggs. The park is also home to thousands of butterflies, with 50-60 species having been identified — making the area significant for having the most butterfly species in Indonesia. 
WATCH Gunung Tunak nature park

Not only the area is dotted with a vast range of surf breaks but it is also connected with high voltage power and freshly asphalted road. Nagaindo is willing to offer you some of its premium properties on hill site or beach front (cliffs) for both Ekas and Gerupuk side, all within a few minutes from the nature park. Prices in the area for premium land are 2-3 times cheaper than Kuta or Selong Belanak.

For exclusive details about those opportunities visit our website or contact us directly by email.


Investors Flowing Back Into South Lombok

Land for sale investment property Kuta Lombok surf yoga villa subdivision hotel Mandalika international airport Rinjani pristine beach sunset sunrise hill view

Investors have been snapping up good deals lately on Lombok island while tourists slowly come back. The magic ingredients are all there: first major 5 star hotel, new direct international flights and brand names in the industry moving in. To top it off Indonesian economy is doing well.

Indeed 2018 has been a difficult year for emerging markets on the back of US dollar expected rate hikes but it turned out to be a good year for Indonesia with 5.3% growth and higher FX reserves under the leadership of President Jokowi.

In Lombok the aftermath of the triple earthquake last August did bring valuation to a standstill and many investors postponed their visits… until now. We have just experienced a flurry of good deals at attractive levels. Investors have regained confidence in the development rush and their pockets are deeper as a result. US$200k to US500k deals are not uncommon for commercial Kuta, small resorts in Are Guling or high end villas sites in Selong Belanak. Brand names in the industry are moving in such as Pepito, the Bali premium supermarket or they are lurking like Hanging Gardens, the luxury resort in Ubud…

Government decided to double its efforts towards tourism development on the island with ongoing infrastructure build up and full support to the Mandalika on the southern part. That has translated with the removal of illegal mining, the closure of unlicensed businesses but also higher budget for overseas marketing (US$150 million up), the backing of new flights to Perth in February 2019 and soon to Guangzhou (China) and Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) and the construction of the first major 5 star hotel, Pullman, on Mandalika turf, opening by the end of 2019.

Do not hesitate to contact Nagaindo team for the latest investment opportunities. We always stay on top of market trends and accessible to our clients.

Jean-Marc Reynier
Director and Founder

Living In The Time Of The Crocodile

Land for sale investment property Kuta Lombok surf yoga villa subdivision hotel Mandalika international airport Rinjani pristine beach sunset sunrise hill view

Until recent exceptional events shook the island of Lombok, I was already on a high moment in life, i.e. the excitement of the biggest surfing swell in 20 years hitting Indonesian shores and the resighting of the mythical crocodile by local fishermen, whose legend can be traced back to the fifties.

Like across Nusantara, the mother archipelago of 17,000 islands and 500 languages, Lombok is an island of legends. Its people, the Sasak, are known to master black magic, worship the gods of fire and water, widely practice healing by sorcery and herbal medicine etc… In South Lombok they even have the legendary crocodile; no surfers have ever been eaten or bitten but everybody claim to have seen it, so true it may be.

Then a series of quakes hit the island, and I forgot about my crocodile. I saw extraordinary people doing less than ordinary things, and normal people doing out of the ordinary feats. From the headlines drama, the local community panic to the social media craze, we were lucky to have a few sensible people around us. Making sense of what is happening becomes very hard when you get overwhelmed by mother nature and your own tricky mind.

When I opened my eyes again, I was half dreaming, I had travelled back in time: things had slowed down, beaches empty, surfing again this daily adventure into the wild, local smiles all over the place; that is “The Time Of The Crocodile”, the time the first travelers and surfers to the area still treasure, the time where our mind can wander so easily and reflect the beautiful character of the place and experience its unique lifestyle.

Not the best time for business I agree, but the best time for discovering authentic Lombok. Business will come back no worry, nothing much can stop development those days. Meanwhile come spend the holidays of your life on this remote coastline and see the crocodile for yourself!!

May All Beings Be Happy And Free.

Living & Growing Healthy In South Lombok

Land for sale investment property Kuta Lombok surf yoga villa subdivision hotel Mandalika international airport Rinjani pristine beach sunset sunrise hill view

South Lombok is a vibrant community. Local residents love the authentic place and the vibe they live in. They do spend a lot of time outdoors, hiking or surfing. They also care about their environment and they want the fast growing area to remain in harmony with its traditions and inhabitants. So they not only try to apply the latest sustainable trends in development but also adopt more healthy eating habits beyond the usual nasi goreng (“fried rice”) and Bintang beer.

Sustainable development is definitely a top talk in town. Small permaculture gardens have popped up all over, many looking how to improve the soil quality, mix the right crops or fight against erosion in hilly terrain. As for solar energy, a free energy, its long term benefit is huge a standard is being set. What really works though is related to the high disparity of water, a major issue for local communities. Replacing current construction practices and supporting the installation of efficient shower heads, toilets and other water appliances can conserve one of Earth’s most precious resources.

A perfect example of such a conscious development is Dome Lombok (Dome Projects Lombok), which is creating and selling sustainable concepts within house construction, water management and food production. Through the construction of Eco-domes, made mainly with compacted soil and lime stone, they are pushing boundaries in sustainable housing construction without neglecting quality and comfort.

On the other side, you can indulge yourself in one of those new healthy cafes (2 more amazing concepts opening soon, stay tuned!), which serve delicious dishes made with local ingredients and lots of love. The “eating well” trend can be vegan or gluten but always includes a more nourishing diet. You will be astonished by the new palette: kombucha, gluten free bread, miso aubergines, csweet potato & coconut curry, vegan ice cream… It is another voyage, this time culinary with fancy ingredients and a lot of local inspiration.

Beyond the search for eating healthy, there is a general interest in learning how to eat well and in harmony with the planet. What about you find a place where you can nourish your body, mind and soul, and learn through a new culinary experience! Tourists and residents alike want education and the local community has plenty of knowledgeable residents happy to share with you.

  1. “Eating to live instead of living to eat”, as the Chef says..