Located in the southern part of Lombok Island, the KEK Mandalika is determined through Government Regulation No. 52 of 2014 to become a KEK Tourism. With an area of 1,035.67 Ha and facing the Indian Ocean, the KEK Mandalika is expected to accelerate the tourism sector of West Nusa Tenggara province with great potential.

KEK Mandalika offers marine tourism with stunning beach and underwater charm. Mandalika comes from the name of a legend, the Princess Mandalika is known for its beautiful look. Every year, the people of Central Lombok celebrate the Bau Nyale ceremony, the ritual of looking for marine worms that are believed to be the incarnation of Princess Mandalika. This celebration is a unique culture and attracts both local and international tourists.Based on the potential and existing advantages, PT Pengembangan Pariwisata Indonesia (Persero) which has developed Nusa Dua Bali proposes the establishment of the KEK Mandalika. As a marine tourism destination and cultural tourism with an exotic panorama and adjacent to the Island of the Gods, KEK Mandalika is expected to attract 2 million foreign tourists visit per year in 2019. KEK Mandalika has the concept of environmentally sound tourism development with the development of tourist objects and tourist attraction which is always oriented to the preservation of environmental values and quality that exist in the community.

The KEK Mandalika is the most attractive for investors today and is expected to be a world class tourist destination.


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