Land for sale investment property Kuta Lombok surf yoga villa subdivision hotel Mandalika international airport Rinjani pristine beach sunset sunrise hill view

Jean Marc Reynier

Founder / CEO

“It is never too late to be who you might have been”

Fluent in 6 languages including Chinese Mandarin, Jean-Marc spent most of his career working for investment banks. He has lived in Asia for 12 years. He has travelled and invested in different countries but has identified significant opportunities in Indonesia, in South Lombok more specifically. 

In 2012, he created Nagaindo, a full-scale investment boutique to leverage the appreciation of the area’s land values. He moved permanently to South Lombok in 2013.


Neil Tate

Advisor Nagaindo / Director Tate Development

“Ride the next wave”

Neil has been regularly traveling to Indonesia for over 30 years as a born surfer. In Australia, he owned and operated a successful real estate business in construction and development for 25 years.  

He has now been living in Lombok for 8 years and runs his own business on the South Coast. 

Neil has this rare  talent of envisioning a piece of land and forecast its possible development over the years to come so he hardly gets wrong when it is time to pick up the best land.


Land for sale investment property Kuta Lombok surf yoga villa subdivision hotel Mandalika international airport Rinjani pristine beach sunset sunrise hill view

Almitra Putri

Marketing Officer


“There’s only so much you can do but there’s nothing you can’t do”. Amber Ibarreche

Almitra was born and raised in Bandung, Java island. Being very active, she used to organise many events on her campus (secretary, treasury,  logistics, documentary, publication, public relations). 

She started her carrier as a part time teacher and has moved to Lombok to work with us in this fast developing island but also to carry out her passion for yoga, as a permanent teacher at Ashtari Yoga.

She is keen to learn a new things and enjoy work with technology. She can work under pressure, a perfect character to run her office duties at Nagaindo.


Yusuf RM

Marketing Officer


“Happiness is a warm gun”, The Beatles. 

Yusuf was born in Bandung, West Java and graduated from Marketing Management.

He like photography and designing. He make a content from simple idea but still keep up with times.

All dedication is for company, society and Indonesia. Indonesia become his inspiration to work and realize his dream.



Greg F.

Site manager

“There is no substitute for hard work”

Greg has spent a decade working on various projects in Indonesia and many more years in Australia. He has worked in exotic locations such as Kalimantan on the island of Borneo and in difficult environments where the projects that he managed only succeeded as a result of Greg’s absolute commitment to quality and honesty. 

He can stay relentlessly 10 hours long straight in the heat and still keep the work quality under control. 



Team leader and foreman

“Nothing is impossible to a willing heart”

As a construction manager with over 10 years track record in Lombok Nasa is a local breed too. he never stops learning. He can manage, communicate, and cooperate with supervisors and coworkers, local or foreigner alike.  

He follows high quality standards and complies with strict procedures. His success comes also from the high respect other local people have for him and his hard work.



Local Coordinator

“Your culture is your brand” Tony H.

Nurul belongs to the bright local brains. he had the chance to work in Malaysia when he was younger where he improved his English and managed to run teams on construction sites and plantation projects. He understands and communicates with local communities better than anyone.

He has been working for 3 years with NagaIndo and deals with local officials, runs different projects on site, improves work processes and solve operational problems. 




Shareholder Representative

“Work hard in silence, let success make all the noise”

Yann has been working for top tier banks for most of his career, he currently works in Hong Kong as an option trader. He invested personally in Lombok land before being actively involved in NagaIndo. 

Yann is highly professional, understands Lombok very well and can provide liaison and support for a large investor network in Hong Kong for the team.


Greg S.

Architect & Masterplan Designer

“Do what is right, not what is easy”

Greg is the principal of an award winning architectural firm based in Singapore. Originally from New Zealand, and having worked in Japan and throughout South East Asia for the past 20 years, Greg offers a unique perspective on design and shares our desire to create a world class product in one of the most beautiful parts on Indonesia.

Mawardi SHi, MH

Legal Adviser

“Different background means different thinking”

Mawardi has been involved in commercial law for over 8 years. He decided to start his own law firm and, in doing so, was able to utilize and benefit from earlier experience gained in the IT, communications, and hospitality industries. 

In 2010 he set up ILS, which offers its clients legal advice on Lombok property.





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