“There’s only so much you can do but there’s nothing you can’t do”. Amber Ibarreche

Almitra was born and raised in Bandung, Java island. Being very active, she used to organise many events on her campus (secretary, treasury,  logistics, documentary, publication, public relations). 
She started her carrier as a part time teacher and has moved to Lombok to work with us in this fast developing island but also to carry out her passion for yoga, as a permamnent teacher at Ashtari Yoga.
She is keen to learn a new things and enjoy work with technology. She can work under pressure, a perfect character to run her office duties at Nagaindo.


“Always deliver more than expected” Larry P.

Our Office Manager Zuzana from Slovakia has been working for more than 10 years in different international companies.
She lived and travelled to many different countries including Indonesian East Java and returned to Indonesia again.
With her eye for detail, out-of-the-box thinking and friendly attitude she is keenly running her office duties altogether with sharing her local experience and knowledge with customers.