“Your culture is your brand” Tony H.

Nurul belongs to the bright local brains. he had the chance to work in Malaysia when he was younger where he improved his English and managed to run teams on construction sites and plantation projects. He understands and communicates with local communities better than anyone.

He has been working for 3 years with NagaIndo and deals with local officials, runs different projects on site, improves work processes and solve operational problems.


“Nothing is impossible to a willing heart” John H.

As a construction manager with over 10 years track record in Lombok Nasa is a local breed too. he never stops learning. He can manage, communicate, and cooperate with supervisors and coworkers, local or foreigner alike.  

He follows high quality standards and complies with strict procedures. His success comes also from the high respect other local people have for him and his hard work.


“There is no substitute for hard work” Thomas E.

Greg has spent a decade working on various projects in Indonesia and many more years in Australia. He has worked in exotic locations such as Kalimantan on the island of Borneo and in difficult environments where the projects that he managed only succeeded as a result of Greg’s absolute commitment to quality and honesty. 

His most recent successes for NagaIndo have been in managing the Bumbang Bay and Gili Nusa Estate developments. he can stay relentlessly 10 hours long straight in the heat and still keep the work quality under control.