Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world. The rapidly increasing purchasing power of this huge population is creating a significant market. According to Capital Economics expects Indonesian GDP to remain steady at 5 per cent in 2017 and 2018, compare to 2016 will be 0.2% increase.

The grows of Indonesia economic also brings the investment rating raised to grade BBB. By utilizing the The Masterplan for Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesia’s Economic Development(MP3EI), Indonesia aims to earn its place as one of the world’s developed countries by 2025.

The tourism industry is the third big industry in Indonesia after Oil and Electronic accessories export. BPS data shows that the archipelago welcomed 4.2 million foreign tourists in the four-month period, an increase by 19.34 percent from last year 2016. Which is growth tops among Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand.

Meanwhile, Indonesia’s property prices surged accordingly in these years. It is estimated that between 2011 and 2013 average prices in the residential property sector of Indonesia surged by an annual 30 percent.


about LOMBOK


Indonesia government invites investors invest Small Islands and Coastal Areas. Lombok is one of those popular islands that receive special attention, as the project Mandalika Resort Area starts, Lombok has been noted by more and more investors.

As stunning as its neighbor Bali, Lombok is an island of 4,725 sqm with 3.5 million inhabitants. It is dominated by Mount Rinjani, thousands nature unexplored beaches, and has a very unique charm mixing its distinctive local culture and its Muslim heritage a candidate to be classified by UNESCO for its outstanding value.

With all the nature advantages, more and more attractions happen in this amazing island. It offers 3 Millions Passengers with its pristine beaches flanked by infinite coves and dramatic rocky headlands, a perfect landscape for Surfing, world famous Diving, Snorkeling, Fishing, new actives like Yoga, Kite Surfing and other adventures.

South Kuta Lombok, it is where the Mandalika project taken place, it is only 30min faraway from the International Airport, it also close to International School and International Hospital. The land investment prices in Kuta Lombok started to take off 8 years ago and are currently 8-10 times cheaper than Bali. Commercial interest has also picked up dramatically over the last 2 years on the back of government active investment and new media coverage.

As the booms growth of Lombok, new Airlines open, Europe Standard Power Stations, Highways, new Five Star Hotels, new Villas are all under going.


Based in Kuta Lombok, 30min to International Air Port. We are in the area of Mandalika Project. Close involvement in current projects. Land development in Kuta Skyline, Gili Nusa Estate, Are Guling, Twin Peaks Beachfront Selong Belanak Bay, Bumbang Sunset, Orisun villa management. Kuta Skyline is under construction now, which plan to build 6 villas 2017-2018.

Deep familiarity with locations and practices. 30 years experience of traveling in the region. Monthly business trip / road show with clients to Lombok.

Well established network of key players on the ground and abroad. International lawyers & high ranking bankers. Extensive network of national officials.

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We acquire assets that are benefiting from improving infrastructure and located within South Lombok Triangle. We focus on value-adding asset management and land development, minimizing speculative construction risk. We look for economy of scale thanks to the size of each asset. We do not use leverage and we will not hedge foreign exchange exposure.


Land banking prime assets. Special situation: distressed seller or government sales. Subdivision and marketing of development plots. Building / improving infrastructure and utilities.


Our team has previously arranged upon hundreds of transactions on behalf of clients. In order to market and sell our assets, we do have access to:

  • An exclusive list of private and commercial buyers
  • The ability to structure property and land sale while minimizing purchase tax, transaction cost and completion time
  • An experienced team of brokers locally and internationally.


Do not hesitate to ask us any questions related to investment in Lombok and we will be glad to answer all of your questions.

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