We have been advising clients to make optimal decisions for their investment, property or business project for over 8 years. While we mostly focused towards our internal clients, we have opened a consulting branch to cope with the expansion of the real estate market and the many inquiries from outsiders. We charge a fee per hour and we make sure you come out with the best source of information and ready to move forward in your project. We also share valuable contacts for you to make your project highly successful.


While most investors are convinced with the growth prospects of the whole country and Lombok especially, they often pretty confused with Indonesian law and how to find a suitable set up for their enterprise.

Thanks to a decade handling new clients to the area, we offer deep insights and outstanding relationship to give you the optimal set up and solve any issues you may have.


Lombok information channels tend to be weak and outdated. We have accumulated a group of reliable sources and wide network, which let us very well informed with the latest news or trends in the area. We are happy to share suitable news with our clients and offer the most advanced analysis on current events and development. With such an insight on South Lombok story, we are convinced that you will get ahead of the crowd.


It is not uncommon that clients ask us to accompany them in their project. With already many successful business behind us, we are very opened to discussion and make sure we find a fair deal between the parties. Our commitment can be manpower, financial or other resources.



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