Ahead of opening a new development area, we help design a smart masterplan for the whole area to lay down common servicing needs. Whether the cost is included in the sale price or added on later, the first steps always include:

  • excavation works with heavy machinery to set a first dirt road
  • erection of retaining walls and landscaping with vetiver grass to protect pads and avoid erosion
  • marking the limits of our development by erecting boundary walls


Once dirt works and walls are set, we move to laying down road and drainage. Whether the cost is included in the sale price or added on later, there are 3 essential steps that are required for any road paving procedure:

  • removal of existing materials
  • preparation of the sub-base and road aggregate
  • installation of the asphalt or pavers
The primary purpose of a road drainage system is to remove rain water from the road and its surroundings.


Within several months time frame, we summon PLN, the state owned electricity company and they will install poles, high voltage lines, transformers and meters.
Whether the cost is included in the sale price or added on later, our commitment can include:

  • Close collaboration with PLN
  • High voltage electricity for each site
  • Underground cable whenever possible to maintain views and protect the beauty of the island

Town water is still a scarce commodity in South Lombok. Most dwellings rely on wells. Due to a long dry season, it is important to identify very reliable source of waters. Our commitment can include:

  • Drill up to 200 meters in 8-inch hole diameter
  • Identify different water bearing aquifers
  • Provide airlift flow test to quantify available water supply
  • Develop and clean bore, pump installation and testing
  • Build water tanks at key locations
  • Supply water across the site through a predesigned pipe system



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